Phase 2 and Roller Derby

With Alberta moving into Phase 2 there are a lot of questions about what this means for roller derby.

Alberta Roller Derby Association is not putting out any additional guidelines beyond what the government has released.

Leagues are encouraged to create their own guidelines, provided they meet or exceed what the government has put in place. All leagues should fully read the government release

A short summary of the important points to roller derby are as follows

  • If any member is sick, has traveled outside of Canada, or has been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 that member must not attend events for a 14 day period
  • If possible, teams should practice outdoors
  • Any persons at a practice who are not on skates doing physical activity are required to wear a mask
  • All practices and games should take place within a “mini-league” that consists of no more than 50 people, including volunteers and staff
  • Mini-leagues should remain in their geographical area, travel across the province and out-side the province is not recommended
  • All leagues should assign a volunteer to oversee the health and safety of the league as well as adherence to the guidelines
  • All games should have reduced attendance, each league can determine the number based on game venue
  • All attendee’s contact information is recommended to be collected in case any person at the event tests positive for COVD-19, attendees are not required to give personal information
  • In guidance with privacy laws all attendee collected information should be destroyed after 14 days of the event
  • If any participant at an event tests positive for COVID-19 all persons who attended that event must be notified immediately
  • Leagues should provide a way for members to wash their hands before and after any events
  • Do not share water bottles
  • Limit close gatherings, such as in a locker room to gear up or down
  • When not on the track, social distancing should be encouraged, for example spread out the bench seats


The WFTDA has also put together a Return to Play ladder that non-WFTDA leagues can choose to follow.

Additionally, league trainers should be aware that not all members have been active during the break or may have reduced activity levels compared to practices. It is encouraged that trainers review their training plan to provide a safe return.