Kim Wheeler

Kim Wheeler is the current president and founder of Alberta Roller Derby Association.

Kim skates with the Fort McMurray Roller Derby League as Rotten Brotten. She has been a member since 2010. Over the past years she has volunteered within her home league in almost every capacity, from team Captain to league President.

In addition to her home league, Rotten Brotten skates with Team Alberta on their 2017/2018 roster. As well, she is the Head Coach of the Calgary Reservoirs Dogs for the 2018 season.

Using her knowledge volunteering with her home league, as well as her lifelong passion for sports, Kim hopes to bring cohesion to roller derby in Alberta and achieve recognition as a provincial sport.

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Vice President

Pamela Dow

Pamela Dow also known as “Cakes” as a player and “Conviction Oven” as a ref is the current Vice President South for the association. In her ten years in the sport she has spent time devoted to helping run many different leagues, events, managing provincial and local teams. She has traveled all over for her love of Roller Derby either helping as a ref or a non- skating official, playing or picking up as a skater or supporting the amazing up and coming Juniors, having a daughter that currently plays as well.

Cakes values the inclusiveness that derby brings to her life and those she has met a long the way, she is always willing to share her experience, knowledge or connections with anyone that asks. As someone who has been in the sport since the pivot line was of use, minor/major penalties where called and has waited for that second whistle in a 4 wall she is excited to be apart of the growth, continued development and the bringing together of the sport in Province of Alberta.

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Gary Kelly

Gary Kelly has been involved in Roller Derby since 2014. Initially getting involved to be a referee Gary also learned that the male game was taking off and as the officiating opportunity fizzled he played under his derby name Screamin' Yabdab. Playing exclusively for almost a year Gary had a broken wrist injury so switched to reffing and Yabby was born.
Since 2014 Gary has officiated over 100 games on and off skates at many different games and tournaments in BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan. Also in 2014 Gary was Treasurer for Oil City Derby Girls(now Oil City Roller Derby)for almost a year.
Recently Screamin' Yabdab has made a comeback as a player with OCRD and Yabby also puts on the stripes when needed.
Gary is looking forward to helping the board of ARDA develop Roller Derby in Alberta.


Jamie Franklin

Jamie has been playing Roller Derby since 2011 with her home league the Lethbridge Roller Derby Guild om the Windy City of Southern Alberta. She is the current captain of the Deathbridge Derby Dames as GraySkull. She has played for pretty much everyone as a pick up skater!
Roller derby is her passion.


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