ARDA recognizes the very real possibility of concussions in the sport of roller derby. As such, ARDA has adapted the following concussion protocol from Parachute Canada.

The Concussion Protocol is to be followed by all members of ARDA as well as parents of junior members.
Concussion Protocol

The Concussion Pathway summarizes the Concussion Protocol and is handy to keep on your training site and at competitions.
Concussion Pathway 

The Pre-Season Concussion Education is to be reviewed by all ARDA members on a yearly basis.
Pre-Season Concussion Education

Coaches and training staff are required to complete additional concussion awareness training. ARDA recommends the free course, Making Head Way offered through This training is required by ARDA every 3 years and documentation of completion is to be submitted to ARDA.
Concussion Awareness


Ensure your athletes are wearing their helmets correctly!

Helmet Fit